Community Assessments

Findings of Community Assessments, Interviews and Focus Groups – Year 1

During the month of January 2016, the Bristol HEZ completed the Baseline Assessment of Health Needs in the Community through multiple platforms and across several targeted demographics. Click on each of the assessment platforms for a summary of findings, and in some cases the raw data.

Community Partners Outreach Survey/Personal Interviews

Baseline Assessment of Health Needs in the Community

Baseline Assessment of Health Needs in the Community – Student Version

Baseline Assessment Focus Groups


Walk & Bike Audits


Findings of Community Walk and Bike Audits - Year 2

During the month of October 2016, the Bristol HEZ completed Walk and Bike Audits of the community which evaluated various sidewalk/bicycle networks, intersections, pedestrian/bicyclist experience and pedestrian/bicyclist safety. Prior to the actual Audits, the Bristol HEZ conducted Walk and Bike Pre-Audit Surveys of residents to inform the development of the Audits and to identify the routes evaluated. Click on each of the links below for specific information related to each Audit.

Please note that the summary rankings and anecdotal comments are based on the views and experiences of the participants, not the Town.


Complete Streets

On Monday, November 28, 2016, we held a follow-up ‘Bristol’s Walk and Bike Audits Meet Complete Streets’ Public Workshop. Again, in partnership with Grow Smart RI, and the addition of Roger Williams University students, the Workshop presented the findings of the Walk and Bike Audits conducted in October, offered a range of recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and provided the community with an opportunity to weigh-in on the findings and recommendations. Mark Felag, P.E. and Managing Engineer, Division of Planning - Rhode Island Department of Transportation was also on-hand to speak to the components of the Transportation Improvement Program and field questions from the audience.

Complete Streets Public Workshop

October 12, 2016

Bristol HEZ Presentation

Grow Smart RI Presentation


Complete Streets Public Workshop

November 28, 2016

Grow Smart RI Presentation

Walk and Bike Audit Findings/Recommendations


State of Rhode Island


Rhode Island Department of Health

Health Equity Zones

Rhode Island Department of Health

Health Equity Zones Press Release